Monthly Archives: March 2011

Catching Up on Spring

It almost seems foolish to be talking about Spring while the snow is still hanging around, but that’s what the calendar says so, there you have it. It seems I’m always playing catch-up but especially now with some major changes coming our way, well that’s the plan any way. So I have been lax in both my painting and blogging duties while focusing on planning for our next big adventure.

While this winter blessed us with more snow than we really needed, it also lingered on a little too long as well. But being a glass half full kinda gal, I took advantage of the opportunity to get some pictures of a storm in progress, before the ever diligent plow drivers cleaned all the snow away in town. Timing is everything, and despite all the snow we had (notice the optimism using the past tense), I didn’t mange to get the picture I wanted until March. That is, a snowy scene in town to paint. It was 9:30 – 10:00 Sunday morning and there were few cars to be found. I would have liked a few people, but none were found wandering the snowy sidewalks.

Waiting for St Paddy's Day, 16" x 20", oil on canvas

Since this is a small town, and folks pretty much know one another, it always strikes me as rather amusing when I am “in-town” taking pictures. When I see people I know, they know I’m looking for my next painting and by now I wonder if people I don’t know, realize that as well. This particular morning I had the town almost to myself. As I wandered around, camera in hand, looking for just the right angle, I turned down School St. to find Harlow’s Pub looking particularly quiet in the snow. With the white stuff draped all over it like an oversized throw, it was the perfect subject. Like the rest of us, it still had Christmas decorations on display, with the amount of snow we’ve had, it was just too difficult to take the down before the melting began. It just seemed like Harlow’s was the perfect picture of the winter of 2011.   And because I am so behind in my painting duties, I didn’t get time to paint until St. Patrick’s Day, so it seemed fitting to be painting a pub while listening to Irish music to capture the feeling of the day.