What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

It’s a new year and another new beginning. Having spent 6 weeks on a boat, then 10 weeks with wedding preparations, 2 weeks of celebrating, 4 art shows and several weeks of recovering from all of the above – I’m back in my studio! Life is just one grand adventure after all. While I’m remaining Barbara Busenbark for professional reasons, I’m also now Mrs. Fenley.

Christy and Mike Busenbark, Tim and I and Victoria Fenley
It was truly a wonderful time with all those we love and a beautiful evening on the beach for the wedding.

Settling into Florida life and making art connections and new friends makes it feel more like home all the time. I still haven’t done much painting of Florida scenes but they will be coming soon enough. It looks like we’ll be spending one more summer in Maine, which is always my greatest source of inspiration. Last summer’s trip to Monhegan Island in Maine continues to provide material that I love to paint.

Getting back into a regular schedule now, I will be posting again soon with new works – stay tuned!

And, a few more pictures, just for fun….

4 responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Glad that you have had a chance to rest and have life return to normal. Lovely wedding. Glad we were able to make it. Thanks for putting us up and always wonderful to see you as well as family and friends. Enjoy painting your new environs and being on the water. Barb


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