You would think I’d have this whole moving thing under control by now, but no, I don’t. It’s just one more stumbling block to that elusive goal of being organized. The good thing is, I have a place to call home. Sometimes that sense of “home” is also elusive. When I left Peterborough, N.H. and started Color Notes Art Gallery on the seacoast, it was indeed an exciting adventure. As is my nature, I jumped in with both feet and began the shift from painting mountains to painting seascapes. I was fortunate to have the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire as my subjects and my inspiration. 

Bailey Island Dingys


Rye’s Waves


With the whole process of cleaning out our house in Maine, I only had time for a couple of paintings this summer. I’m sure I’ll be diving into my photo collection for more New England scenes but now that Florida is our full time home, it’s time for some Florida inspiration. Before that can happen, some order needs to come to our home. Time to jump in with both feet once again!


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