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Merry Christmas!

There are always news stories around Christmas that¬† show how kind people can be. Yes, there are lots of others that aren’t so flattering but it’s the ones that open you eyes to selflessness and kindness that always strike me. This year it was the security guard for the school district in Florida who besides saving the lives of the superintendent and the school board members is also know as “Fix it Santa”. All year he works on fixing toys to give to children on Christmas.¬† He’s up to 700 children this year. So yes, there is a Santa Claus.

Mike and Santa

There are countless good deeds that happen around Christmas, all kinds of people doing what they can to help others. Whether it’s buying gifts for “Toys for Tots” or putting money in the Salvation Army collection outside your grocery store, or giving to your favorite charity or church. It is all Santa.

While the whole red suit and big belly thing works for kids, the ideal of Santa is real. In our house when my kids were growing up saying there was no such thing as Santa was never allowed and even though my children are gown and on their own now, it’s still not allowed. I still believe in Santa. As long as there are people who are willing to help others less fortunate, there is a Santa.

Mike and Richard with Santa - 1987

Of course, there’s another reality to it also, growing up I always wanted a horse. It seemed such a foolish thing, especially for a girl in the suburbs of New Jersey but dreams are like that. Being an adult and living in New Hampshire created a different set of circumstances however. Occasionally there are classified ads in the local paper here with horses for sale. I use to look for them every week, though no longer a little girl, I was a little closer to it

being possible living here. So, one day I called to inquire about a horse. I set up a time the following week to come and see her.

In anticipation of the possibility of getting a horse we set out that weekend to look at a place where we could have her boarded. At that point we were still living in town. When we arrived and said we were thinking about getting a horse we were then introduced to a woman who was very good at matching people with horses. When we started chatting, and I told her about the ad I had answered, it turned out, she was the owner of the horse.

Being very busy with work and motherhood, the following week, I forgot to stop by and see the horse after work – it was parent-teacher conference night. When I finally got home, the phone rang, it was the horse’s owner – oppse so sorry said I. She talked me into coming out to see the horse, a 20 minute drive and it was getting late. But I went, I got up on her and rode a little. After the hectic day, sitting on that horse felt soothing and relaxing. The rest of the world went away.

Ok, I’d need to have a vet look at her. Time was short though because the horse had to be moved. In fact, she was being moved to her sister’s house. If we were to do this, it would be both my birthday and Christmas present. All went well as we continued with arrangements. It turns out her sister lived right down the road from the house we were looking at buying, and that I could board my horse with her temporarily. Oh yea, the other thing, her sister’s name – Chris Claus (no kidding).