Getting Ready – Provisions

In two and a half weeks I’m heading west. I have signed up for a workshop with Lois Griffel, author of the book “Painting the Impressionist Landscape”. A couple of years ago I took a workshop with her when she came “back east” as they say. It had a huge impact on my work and me and feeling like I needed another does I looked at her web site to see when she would be back. As luck would have it, she would be on Cape Cod in September. But the first week in October she would be in Denver. Hmmmm, Cape Cod or the Rockies, which would I rather paint? For me, hands down, the Rockies. That’s when I started thinking of the possibilities and the problems.

The idea of taking a plane with all my painting gear and then bringing wet paintings home is a huge hurdle. Between security and hauling it all I started rethinking my plans. That’s when I decided I could drive out there. Also eliminating the need to rent a car, since we will be traveling to different places to paint. As is often the case with my thought process the idea began to grow. Maybe I could take a side trip to Wyoming. We had driven to Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons on a family trip many years ago. The thought of maybe being able to go back there was very exciting. As those thoughts grew I realized I was getting carried away. Time to reel it in and keep it simple.

I studied the map again and came up with a revised plan. Keeping in the back of my mind if I can drive to Denver this year, maybe I can head out to Wyoming next year. So, I decided to see who I could see along the way so I wouldn’t be alone my whole trip. Indeed, stopping for lunch with my family in N.J., a night with my cousin in Louisville and my sister-in-law outside St. Louis brought the whole idea into much better focus. Not the wild plan I initially came up with but an adventure nonetheless, full of great potential.

With enough time so I don’t have to rush at the last minute, I’m going to start making sure I have all the materials I’ll need both for the workshop and striking out on my own to paint before the workshop. Free shipping ends today at one art supply place so that settles it – today, art supplies get ordered, I just have to make sure I get everything I need in one shot.

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