Inspiration and Perspiration

Lois Griffel demonstration

Lois Griffel demonstration

Thomas Edison once said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent inspiration”. So now that I’ve got the inspiration part down it’s time for the hard work part, well almost. I am spending my last night on the road before I get home tomorrow evening. I have so much I want to paint and hundreds of megabytes of pictures for reference. First though I need to finish the paintings I started in Colorado. I have two unfinished pieces from the workshop and another unfinished piece from my first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Lois Griffel and myself the last day of the workshop.

Almost as important, and in keeping with Mr. Edison’s quote I have an increased knowledge base from which to approach all the new paintings on which I will begin working. It’s always exciting to work on paintings when you feel more confident in your ability due to a workshop. There is always more to learn whether from books, museums or workshops. Fortunately Lois writes books as well as teaches workshops which for me is the best way to learn because you can go back to the books with a better understanding once you’ve attended a workshop. Her books “Painting the Impressionist Landscape” and “Painting Impressionist Color” are a must for anyone interested in painting in the impressionist style. She is also a great teacher if you can make it to one of her workshops.

Iowa sunrise

For now, I just want to get home. I’m ready to see another sunrise in the morning, although I don’t think you can beat todays Iowa sunrise. Even though I was just passing through, this was my third time in Iowa and it felt great to be there. It was a beautiful day full of sun and big sky. The rolling hills of Iowa were another level of inspiration for more paintings and I did jump off the Interstate for a few pictures of farms and fields. Once upon a time Iowa seemed to be a long way from home, today it seemed much closer. And now sitting in my hotel room in Indiana I feel like I’m a “stone’s throw” from home. I know it’s full day of driving tomorrow that’s going to get me home, but it’s the getting home tomorrow that has me thinking about next steps. While I’m at it, I’d also like to put a plug in for driving across the country. It’s a wonderful experience and we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful and diverse country. There’s nothing like seeing everything you can, up close and personal. Dropping into places by plane will never give you the same understanding of where you are and the grandeur of our country.

Well, here’s hoping I sleep well and this time tomorrow, I’ll be heading into my own bed.

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