Journeys and Quests

We are all on our own journeys, whether close to home or far reaching places. Finding joy in every day is a must, though some days it seems so elusive, it’s those days that tell us who we are. I remember hearing as a child things like “you don’t know what you’d do if you were in that position until you’ve been there”. Well I’ve been in a few and I now know the answers to some of those questions I asked myself. I also know there will always be more challenges. It breeds it’s own kind of wisdom and coupled with the wisdom we learned from others before us, we may have the proper armor to fight on. Grandpa Mike said “no sense worrying, it’s always the things that you don’t expect that get you”. He was so right. Usually remembering that is a comfort, until the unexpected happens. Then it’s time to dig a little deeper. So, like it or not, our journeys continue, it is the quest part that is the choice. The two together is what forms a life, and it is the choices that determine a life well lived.

I do wonder if we are prone towards optimism by nature, or by choice. That along with so many other personality traits, how hard we fight our battles, how far we’ll go to help a friend or even how quick we are with a needed smile, say who we are and how we chose to live our lives. This weekend’s show, taught me some new lessons. I’m not ready for the final exam just yet though. The one painting I did sell was a small one, but it was bought as a gift by a young man who observed his mother admiring it. Knowing that painting will be certain bring joy to someone makes the whole process worth doing. Everything from growing the flowers, to painting the picture to bringing it to multiple shows, to then finding it a home where it will be a treasured gift, means what I did was worthwhile.


The world is full of those who will find fault with the subject, the composition or the colors, but that is their choice. To me it still goes back to the foolishness of discussions as to what defines art. It’s a waste of time and energy. Just paint if that’s what you want to do. It is neither religion nor is it a philosophy of life. It’s an expression of how you see the world, and just maybe that is worth sharing. And just maybe, it will make someone smile. The true art is living a life that’s worthwhile.

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