One More Adventure

My car is all packed and I’ve made reservations for a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska. I’ve never been to Nebraska. Some may not find that an exciting destination, but I do. I have found that all these places have a beauty all their own. They also add to the feeling of being blessed to be living in such a magnificent country.

So tomorrow, I am once again heading into the heartland. The workshop is over, and all the information gathered has yet to be fully digested. The long ride home will be a good way to do that. This whole journey has been a learning experience. Heading back tomorrow I leave with a new perspective. It’s a culmination of the knowledge gained from the workshop and learning that I could make such a journey by myself. While I had my doubts, my family and friends believed in me and it gave me courage. Facing the many miles home is easier now, because I’ve already done it, in a sense, but mostly because I miss Rick.

While the weather may be questionable tomorrow, I’m hoping for one more good day. Snow is predicted for the mountains here in Colorado. That is in addition to the snow that’s already fallen in the highlands last night. Just a few good pictures of Nebraska will make this trip all I asked for. Keep your fingers crossed and be on the lookout for future paintings of the heartland.

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