Road Trip!

Yes, we're going for a ride...on a tow truck.

We like road trips, really. It’s always an adventure. The unexpected can be fun. This summer we’re headed out to Mount Vernon, Iowa for Rick’s high school class reunion. The added fun will be when he and his old friends get “the band” back together. That plan started manifesting itself a few days before we were to leave. Because of that, we needed to get to Iowa a little earlier so they could practice before playing out. Another rather amusing turn of events was the venue that was selected to play at. It turns out it’s a tavern Rick’s grandfather use to own. Now there’s a bit of serendipity for you.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

The plan was to spend our first night in Niagara Falls. We’d passed the exit several times with other trips and kept saying, one of these days… Well it was decided that this trip would include Niagara Falls. It was truly beautiful and a great first stop. Getting back to the interstate is when the trouble started.

Of course the best laid plans are bound to fall apart at some point, that’s why you always need a plan B. Even if plan B comes together while you are in your car which is riding on top of a flat bed tow truck. So right now we’re hanging out at a Ford dealership waiting to find out if our truck can be repaired. Depending on how long it will take, we may have to rent another vehicle, either way, we will not be deterred from our destination.

It being Rick’s high school reunion I came up with a plan to amuse myself, look for Main Street’s that would be fun to paint. With this little side trip for service I’m not sure how that will fly. I am hoping for at least three or four places in different states so I can start a new series of paintings. However things work out, I will definitely be doing a painting of Mount Vernon Iowa.


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