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Just Keep Swimming…

Things are starting to line up for the last push of the year. I have scheduled myself to be in three places at once – I’m beginning to think being an artist is like being a Mom, ever ready with the answer, “sure I can do that”.

The first location is the People’s United Bank in Keene, N.H. from the beginning of December to January. Just recently I secured a spot in Fiddlehead’s Cafe in Hancock, N.H. for the month of December. Lastly, the Affordable Art show, Heberton Hall, Keene, N.H. as part of Christmas around the town.  Each site has different needs. The areas where I can hang my work at the bank are rather small. The cafe has better spaces for a variety of sizes and the Affordable Art Show, well that’s small and prints and calendars.

Now, in figuring what should go where dimensionally you also have to bear in mind where are people most likely to buy things. Hanging your work in other businesses as oppose to the summer art show circuit is as much, if not more about “getting yourself out there”. After all, who goes to the bank to buy art? Or, how often do you hear, “I’d like a chicken salad sandwich and a watercolor”. That being said, there are the occasional sales, and it being Christmas time, all things are possible.

My task for the next few weeks is to compliment what paintings I have with a few more that are both timely and geographical. That is, I’m working on a watercolor of the Hancock Inn, a beautiful old inn that’s on the Register of Historic Places. I also took pictures of Hancock when the leaves were at their Autumn best so perhaps another Hancock painting will be completed as well. For the Afordable Art Show, I’ve ordered calendars from the printer containing my paintings from 2010. The last push, as always will be framing.

Regardless of sales, the “getting out there” part is very important and can be rewarding in it’s own way. The times when I have met people and they’ve said, “I’ve seen your work”, have been truly flattering. The thought that someone saw my paintings somewhere and remembered them is another one of those things which urge me on to work harder and “just keep swimming” (thank you Little Nemo).