Home Sweet Home!

We made it! We didn’t get all the way by boat, but we made it home in one piece, that’s saying something. With all our delays, the time had become a major factor. I had an art show for the month of December here in Gulfport. Tim had received calls from clients needing some attention. As we thought about the time factor and looked ahead we landed on the end of our journey being Savanah, Georgia. There we could have the boat pulled out of the water and trailered to Florida. It was a 6-hour drive to Gulfport. Now that was manageable.

Gulfport, Florida

In the meantime there was Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving on the boat in Charleston, South Carolina. The whole holiday thing really snuck up on us. It turned out fine to spend a couple of days in Charleston. The marina was great with a shuttle into town and nice facilities. We took the shuttle into town for dinner our first night. It was a superb dinner. The next day we went into town to do a little sightseeing and provisioning. Once again the shuttle was great. Our first stop was a King Street Cookies and then window shopping until we got to the grocery store. There we got some sliced turkey, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.  Thanksgiving was quiet and nice. It was good to have a day off. 

The next morning we were off again. This time it was to Beaufort, South Carolina. We arrived early enough to take a horse and buggy ride to get a historical tour of the town. It was drizzling so it was good to have a little shelter in the buggy. I loved the old houses and hearing about the history. We visited a few galleries and then went for some dinner. More days like Beaufort would have been wonderful.

The morning was foggy and the tide was against us so we had some time to wait for better conditions. Tim was finally able to get a haircut. Our next and last stop was Savannah, Georgia. It wasn’t too far off so we didn’t need to get an early start. When we did take off, there was still some fog so we were taking it slowly. Eventually it lifted and we were on the last leg of our journey. The next marina wouldn’t be open until Monday, but we could tie up on the dock and wait until then. 

Once again the marina was somewhat out of the way, but not too bad. Tim used his Uber app and we got a ride into Savannah on Sunday. We took a tour bus around town with another history lesson. We had crab for lunch and eventually heading back to the boat. All these history tours are very interesting. I’m glad we had that time to spend. Once back on the boat, we reminisced about our journey. The next day we’d rent a car and be home by the end of the day. It was an exciting adventure, but I for one was glad to be done.

The morning came and the folks at the marina came by to see about preparations to pull the boat. Eventually we pulled the boat around to where the hoist was and then turned it over to them. After a few pictures of them hauling the boat we hopped into the car and were off. The next step would be in a couple of days to get the boat in St. Petersburg and bring it to Gulfport.

There is much more to write about, and one of these days you just might hear the whole story, time to make time for that project….

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