No Painting Today

I have two tasks today in anticipation of this weekend’s show and in fact the run of shows through August. The first is to get my new paintings framed and matted and framed in the case of the watercolors. The other item which I like to do before shows is to make sure my web site is current. Like the framing, the new paints also need to be photographed and uploaded to my web site PaintBrushGraphics .

The beginning of this week I painted some small watercolors. The sale of these will hopefully cover my show expenses allowing any sales of larger pieces to be profit. Originally I did not post smaller work on my web site. But as of this past year I began doing so. There is a different quality about them so I decided they should be included. However, that leads to more work on the web site. The other bit is that I don’t want the index pages, filled with thumbnails, so it takes too long to load the page for visitors to my site. I’m thinking of having a separate index page for them. I’m also thinking of having a separate page for my plein air work for the same reason.

The framing includes cutting mat board for the six small watercolors, one large watercolor and three oil paintings. Being that its a rainy day, I’ll throw on a sweatshirt (NY Mets) and head to my framing room in the basement; getting the laundry done at the same time.

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