Monet’s Haystacks, My Fish Sheds

Now that I have been given the go ahead by the Planning Board to open my gallery, all I need is for the Spring to take over and the outside work to get started. In the meantime I plan on continuing to work on local scenes, like my series of paintings of the fish sheds in North Beach, Hampton, N.H.

Back in the summer of 2011, I was really excited to see several of Monet’s haystacks together at the Art Institute of Chicago. I had understood that he was studying light and color but seeing them in a row made it that much more clear. Now I can work on the same idea with the fish sheds.


When I decided to try to study color and light using the fish sheds I thought I don’t want to keep painting them from the same angle. That would get too boring and I just wouldn’t do it. So I decided, regardless of what Monet did, I will paint the sheds from different angles. What a relief it was when I started doing a little research for this posting that I learned that Monet had haystacks from all different vantage points. I’m very excited to have a project like this that both excites me and follows Mr. Monet’s example.


There is much to learn from Mr. Monet, experience and practice. I have more pictures to work from with the recent snow storms changing this scene even more. I think I’ve had enough of snow so I’m not sure I’m going to jump into painting a snow scene just now. I may feel more like it when the dog days of summer are here. The first order of business is to try and get out of my driveway. The next order of business is to find a new plow guy.








4 thoughts on “Monet’s Haystacks, My Fish Sheds

  1. Kathy and Pat Grady

    We were pleased to hear that the town gave you the green light for your gallery. Also, we really like the stormy ocean scene with the fish shed. Recently got better acquainted with our new neighbors and their cute daughters. Good luck with the spring opening of Color Notes Gallery.
    Kathy and Pat Grady

  2. Tim Fenley

    The fish sheds look great, Barb. I think you have the right idea in painting them from different perspectives. I also agree with your assessment that there’s been enough snow for this winter. Unfortunately, the weather man isn’t cooperating–as we’re supposed to get a foot of snow or more today. I hope this doesn’t delay progress on your gallery too much.



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