Self-Publish or Keep Querying

I’m up to nearly fifty rejections, which apparently in the world of query letters isn’t all that much, but I’m growing weary of this battle. There are advantages to self-publishing, you maintain control of design and rights, and you get to keep the money from books you sell.

That’s where all you kind folks come in. Perhaps I could cajole you into helping me get the word out about my book. It’s a thought, anyhow.

Also, where you were so helpful in helping me with my cover design I’ve been back at it. Not only that, I’ve been thinking about changing the title from Uncharted to Safe Harbor. Opinions on that change would also be greatly appreciated.

So without further ado, here are some new cover designs –

9 thoughts on “Self-Publish or Keep Querying

  1. Shelley Parish

    Hi Barbara,
    Self-publish!! I have 2 friends from the eBay selling world that have done very, very well with self-publishing. It’s wonderful to do with Amazon, they print, they ship and you set the price. Here’s Chris’ website for self-publishing, it definately worth the read. So excited for you!!

    1. Mary Anne McDonald

      love the new title and the cover with a sailboat (loved the last title and image too). go for it with self-publishing! xo

  2. Don

    Hi Barbara, greetings from New England. Self publishing seems to be popular now but I have a question. If you self publish the first book and then have other books, does that in any way hinder your chances with publishers later? Always keep your options open. Secondly, I would not use “Safe Harbor” as the title. Here’s why. As a man, if I saw that title and cover, I would not choose the book thinking it was a “harlequin” type book. On the other hand, “Uncharted” makes we want to read it!

    1. Barbara Busenbark Post author

      That’s very interesting, your take on the title. A publisher won’t want something that’s been self-published. If it does well then a next book would be more attractive
      to a publisher. Thanks for your input!

  3. Beverly Sorgente

    I like the two safe Harbor covers and the title too.
    I’m attracted to the sail boat painting.
    Also love the colors in the sunset though.
    Your doing great….
    Sincerely, Beverly (from NH)

  4. Nan

    Love the new Safe Harbor title and the sailboat cover. I think romance readers would be looking for closeups of people on the cover, preferably kissing.
    However, there are a number of books with that title.


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