Summer Shows – Weather, Well-Wishers and Awards

With the season of summer art shows well underway, the weather continues to be a big factor. The Greeley Park Show in Nashua, N.H. was hit with a huge downpours, thunder and lightning included on Saturday, August 16 – but – Sunday the 17 was great! The sun was shining and it was the busiest I’d ever seen that show. With all the rain we’ve had this summer it was wonderful to have such a glorious day. Sales were good and everyone was friendly and nice.

The following Saturday was Portland, Maine. I had heard very positive things about this show and so I was anxious to try it out this year. It did not disappoint. There were tons of people and once again the weather cooperated fully. The area where we were was shaded and comfortable, apparently that’s where we lucked out. Some exhibitors were in full sun and a little warmer than they’d like to be. Several streets in downtown Portland were blocked off for tents to be set up as well as having city plazas for tents. It’s a great city, Maine’s largest, with a lot of interesting architecture.

Perhaps the most encouraging part was that people at this show come to buy art, as oppose to just looking. At least from the standpoint from the business end of things. Even without purchases though, it’s very important to get feedback from people. I really enjoy seeing what people like. I have found that I am not that good of a judge of what people will like. It really is an unpredictable thing. I think its where art becomes very personal. People are just drawn to certain paintings, for whatever reasons, maybe the painting itself or maybe it reminds them of something. Having people staring at your work and smiling, or watching them being drawn into a painting when it catches their eye across a crowded walkway is quite moving. So these shows give you that interaction that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

This coming weekend it’s Keene, N.H. Art in the Park. This is as close to home turf as I get besides the Open Studio Tour on Columbus Day weekend. I have folks that have come to be regular visitors at my booth, so its fun to look forward to seeing them. I also usually see someone I know who has never seen my paintings before. The city of Keene really seems to look forward to the show so its usually well attended. I have to work on the finishing touches to the program as well as get myself ready for this show. Now begins also the worrying about the weather!

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