Time for Thinking

First of all I hope everyone is safe and healthy in their homes. We have been staying as close to home as is humanly possible. Which brings up the subject of home. Now that we are full time residents of Florida, it was time for a full time home. Yup, we moved again. This time we took our time and had actually been looking for about a year. About a week after we moved in, the Corona virus started to really take off. It’s rather hard to get to know the neighbors while social distancing, so that will have to wait until this is all over.

Most of my time has been spent unpacking. The finishing touch is when the pictures go on the walls. That seems to be what really personalizes a home for me. I’m also trying to be very deliberate in where I put things so as to actually reach that nirvana of being organized. The problem with that is the shelving and cabinets we were going to have built for my art supplies, is now on hold. At some point I will be able to put a fresh canvas on my easel, a sheet of clean paper on my drawing table and focus on my work. I’m very much looking forward to that time. 

The only painting I have hung so far is one I did for myself. Yes, I did a painting for me. It didn’t start out that way. I was working on my largest canvas to date, 48″ x 36″. I had bought the canvas a few years ago but found it very intimidating. Finally, from a series of photos I had taken at our stop in New Hampshire, I had my subject. After several smaller versions, I settled on my design. I was about halfway through the painting and commenting to Tim how I loved New Hampshire, when he suggested I keep it for me. I loved the idea. My New Hampshire, for me. It brought new joy to painting for me. So it is fitting that it is the first painting hung in our new home.


Besides unpacking, I’ve begun work on a book about our trip down here aboard Little Prince. It’s going to take some time, and work, but it’s a project I very much enjoy. Stay tuned for progress reports on how that’s going.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy and say a little prayers for all those amazing people who are working so hard to help up stay that way.  

24 thoughts on “Time for Thinking

  1. Stephen Buia

    Hi barb, sounds like you are coping well. Here the snow Is gone and will put the snowblower away this week. Lawn mower tuned up and ready to go. Need some warm weather to put out the deck furniture.
    Take care


    1. Beverly Sorgente

      Beverly Hollingworth are you from the Littleton, MA area and did you know Edna Comeau? My Aunt Edna had a very dear friend named Beverly Hollingworth and I am wondering if it’s you.
      Beverly Sorgente

  2. Susan Peery

    Hi, Barb — lovely to hear from you!! We are fine, sequestered away in Nelson. Big excitement is taking the dogs for walks and seeing how many eggs the four chickens have laid. They are still young, so usually four :). Take care, and paint on!! Love from Susan and Gordon.

  3. Robin Frisella

    All the best in your new home! I can see why you choose to keep this one, it’s a beauty!
    Be well and stay safe!😘

  4. Kathy and Pat Grady

    Great to hear from you, Barb. We are coping with the new routine. We don’t leave the house except for walks and occasional country drives. Your painting is beautiful. Good luck in your new home. How is Tigger?

    1. Barbara Busenbark

      Thanks so much Kathy and Pat! Good to stay in and wait for all this to pass.Tigger is good. He adjusts well to every situation as long as I’m close by. (I need him close by too). Rides in the country sound nice.

  5. Linda Felder

    Hi Barbara, I love reading your blog. Glad you have a new home. We are doing well here in. NH. The snow is gone and I am seeing hyacinths and tulips poking through the ground. I have been in the studio a lot. I am making alcohol ink and faux leather earrings. I also have been playing a lot with the new machines I have for die cutting. A Sizzix and Silhouette. I have been making some new art journal books with gelli printing, and abstract pages. I have to say I am very content with things. Staying at home is not a problem for me. I hope you can get your space up and workable soon. I did rearrange things in mine and organized for better use. So good to hear from you. Would love to see photos of your new home. Take care and stay safe. Linda

    1. Barbara Busenbark

      Hey Linda, What interesting projects you have going on. Being stuck in the studio is not such a bad thing. I’d love to see pictures of your art journal books. Stay well!

  6. Beverly

    Barbara, So good to hear from you. How exciting a new house. You must have enjoyed a Florida winter. The snow is almost all melted here. I like your NH painting, your art has grown so much, it looks great. Your always making such bold life changes, you always impress me. I’ve been staying home like everyone else and doing some art work. Mostly finishing pieces and doing studies. Have two nieces who are doctors in NY City hospitals and a nephew NY City police officer. I’m very worried for them. Praying all stay well and life soon returns to normal. I’m sure you’ll be organized very soon and back to doing art work. Stay well… Beverly

    1. Barbara Busenbark

      Hey Beverly, Good to hear from you too. Hopefully Spring will come to NH soon enough and you can get out and get some fresh air. Thanks on the painting, my little touch of NH in Florida. I’ll say a prayer for your nieces and nephew.

  7. Beverly

    Barbara It’s only 9:58 pm on March 31 and I commented a little while ago. Why does my comment above say April 1, 2020 at 1:37 am?

  8. Bob Bruce

    Hi Barbara,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new house in FL. I will not be making my usual trip to Jupiter this Spring because of the travel restrictions, but I hope to come down there in the Fall if all is well by then. Please give me your new address in case I am ever in your area for a Freedom Boat Club excursion.
    Bob Bruce

  9. Michael Miller

    Well Barb, so good to hear from you and your adventures, I always enjoy your art, and your words, I am going read more from your posting, it;s a great adventure, good for you 2! And how are your children? they must be grown up and out of the house!
    Well keep up the good work
    Mike Miller


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