And Why Do I Need A Blog?

My goal was to start a blog at the beginning of the year. It was to be a new addition to my online promotion of my artwork (in addition to my web site) as well as a way to chronicle my activities. I thought it could both help keep me organized and draw more attention to my web site. Of course if all that would add up to more sales, that would work for me too – a little transparent don’t you think? Well, even though I’m a little late on my time line, I decided to push on and not wait until the next first of the year. While I may often be tardy, I don’t usually blow off things entirely.

Because I am not a morning person, my mornings are usually tied up with the more mundane issues of life, not painting. By starting this blog I plan on laying out my to do list for upcoming blocks of time. I’m not big on “To Do” lists either, so in writing a blog I can pretend it’s not a to do list. Also, being an artist is a very solitary business, and personal initiative is key. There is no boss. I am my own slave driver – sometimes I’m not too bad at it either, but always. This diary of sorts brings some accountability to my work.

Currently I have 2 goals, an immediate and a mid-term goal. The mid-term goal is to put together 4 paintings so that I can be juried into the New Hampshire Artist Association. The first decision on what paintings to have juried is to decide what medium, watercolor or oil paintings, since I use both. Also, according to what I’ve read, paintings in a series have the best chance of getting accepted. My idea for a series is to have my paintings be of stone bridges. I currently have 1 painting in both watercolor and oil. I need to decide soon which medium to complete the series in. The painting on the left is the watercolor and the one on the right is the oil. To see larger images, click on the and you will be brought to my web site with larger images with brief descriptions. When I complete my next stone bridge painting I will post it. We’ll see what medium comes up.

My next, and more immediate goal is to get ready for the busiest time in my show schedule which starts next weekend. This is my time to make some sales, get input from people and perhaps win an award. The season started with a small show in Milford, New Hampshire which was in the middle of a heat wave with a limited number of participants and even fewer visitors. The venue for this show has changed for the last few years and that seems to have negatively impacted it. However the following weekend, on June 1, I participated in the Beacon Hill Art Walk in Boston. I had some sales but also I won a 3rd Place – I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It was a warm sunny day, in contrast to the show last year which had spotty drizzle most of the day. This is definitely a show I will continue to participate in.

As I prepare for the next shows – South Portland, Maine on August 9; Greeley Park, Nashua, N.H., August 16-17; Portland, Maine August 23; and Art in the Park, Keene, N.H., August 30-31, I will post information on the preparation process and ask for input on my selections for judging.

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