In Search of Simplicity

My primary focus has to be on painting, but the number of distractions tends to overwhelm me. I am forever working at making updating my blog and web site simpler, but the more simple it appears the more complicated the process or so it seems. It’s  a giant “if only”. If only updating were quick and easy, if only I could get all the functions I’d like to use working, if only I understood the web development vocabulary better, if only I didn’t require sleep and down time, if only painting was all I had to do. I’m really not complaining, it’s just a level of frustration, believing I can do everything myself and do it well and realizing I am the one who makes things complicated because of it.

Well I’ve moved towards a level of simplicity with a new provider for my web site and blog. That’s why my address is different. By consolidating I am hoping to make it easier for you and me. Easier for me to update and easier for you to navigate. Once I’ve moved this a little farther forward I can begin painting again. Although that too has seemed to get more complicated.

It seems the more you know the more complicated things become. I’m working on a piece that requires perspective drawing. When I didn’t know what I didn’t know about perspective, it was somehow easier. Now I need to break out the straight edges and protractors to get it right. I’m ok with that, even more comfortable. Now I know how it’s done, it’s nice when information learned at a workshop jumps into your brain and says – you know how to do this! Of course unlike Algebra – everybody who’s used their high school algebra in their adult life chime in here. Yea, that’s what I thought. So I’m jumping back and forth between technologies (are rulers technology?). I’m sure it will all come together at some point.

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