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Everyday I research agents. It feels like full-time work. I look to see if they are open to queries and interested in memoirs. Based on books they have already gotten published I am looking for a good fit. Very few publishers are open to direct submissions, everything goes through agents. Even getting an agent to accept you doesn’t guarantee publication but I’m pretty determined so I keep plugging away and writing my query letters.

In the meantime I started another project very near and dear to my heart. It’s a children’s book about Tigger. The original idea was to call it Travels with Tigger (thanks Sue). That plan got foiled when a member of our group said, Disney will never let you get away with that. Oh dear, I never thought of that.

I’ve completed my first draft and I’m still on the fence as to what new name to give Tigger. The name fit him so well. It’s meant to be a picture book to be read to young children. A picture book is from 500-1000 words. I have 1000 in mine. There isn’t a lot of ground you can cover with that and so I’m thinking it could be a series.

As for illustrations, I’m a landscape painter, not an illustrator. I know publishers supply artists but I have all kinds of ideas for what I’d like it to look like. Of course I’m getting way ahead of myself but that’s what I do best – dream.


The weather is in the eighties now and very nice. I hope it’s warming for you up there in New England. The end of this month I will be in New Jersey for my nephew’s wedding. I’ve forgotten what April weather is like there. Regardless of the weather, I’m really looking forward to seeing family.

Anyhow, any suggestions for Tigger’s new name are welcome.

Happy Easter!

8 thoughts on “New Project

    1. Carol Tatarinowicz

      I would not recommend Trigger for the dog’s name especially for a children’s book.
      How about Harley?

  1. Robert P DEMAURA

    Did someone else buy the rights? and I was off with Road Tripping with Riley or Ajax’s Adventures or…

    1. Barbara Busenbark Post author

      Hey Bob, As far as I know, no one else has bought the rights, but that’s a good question. Maybe I should play it safe and go with another name. I like Riley.

  2. Glen W. Swanson, PhD

    Good morning, Barbara,
    Yes, arranging for publication challenges the mind and spirit. You definitely possess tools and talents to proceed to the goal. As for comment, consider Tigger’s uplifted left foot! What might that indicate to an audience?
    As for my research – it continues with book and article projects ranging from comparison/analysis of East Central Europe/Middle East/Afghanistan (see prior publications/lectures}, heritage (as patriarch of a Swedish-American clan); commentary 50 years – experiences – MacDowell [Colony]; continued interest in Earth Day USA (as past consultant and fund-raising corporate liaison to the Fortune 500) and my major work that began in 1963 with a 30-month [Ford Foundation] Foreign Area Fellowship under the mentorship of Professor Bernard Lewis – a thought study on the Middle East from origins to eternity.
    All the best, Glen
    Glen W. Swanson PhD Peterborough, NH

  3. Shelley Parish

    Hi Barbara,
    I Love the idea of the children’s book about your Tigger! Maybe Tigger-licious? 🙂 I know it’s a long name for a child to say, but it’s cute. Keeping with the ‘T’ theme – Timmy, Topper, Tippy, Teddy, Tommy, Telly.
    Have you looked into self-publishing through Amazon?
    Have fun at the wedding!


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